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2023 Hospital @ Home Leadership Summit Speaker Bio

Tuyet-Trinh (Trini) Truong headshot

Tuyet-Trinh (Trini) Truong, MD, FACP, Associate Professor of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Chief Medical Officer, Mount Sinai at Home

As the Chief Medical Officer for Mount Sinai at Home, Dr. Truong creates vision to deliver patient-centered quality care to patients in their homes. She has implemented strategies to launch, grow and integrate programs on the continuum of home-based care – Hospital at Home, Rehabilitation at Home, Palliative Care at Home and other home-care clinical services within the Mount Sinai at Home portfolio. She is passionate about addressing health equity and believes that home-based care, particularly acute at home care is well-positioned and is an important tool to advance health equity. Dr. Truong graduated from Swarthmore College in Economics and Biology, obtained her MD at Temple University Katz School of Medicine, and completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Icahn School of Mount Sinai.


The Evolution of Hospital at Home: Insights, Breakthroughs, and Future Directions

In this session, attendees will explore the shared experiences of successful hospital-at-home programs. Momentum is growing as leading hospitals and health systems are successfully implementing the hospital-at-home care model to reduce costs, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance patient satisfaction. In this panel, experts will share firsthand experiences, best practices, and lessons learned from program launch to site expansion. Key topics such as scalability, staffing solutions, reimbursement models, supply chain management, patient and caregiver experience, technology integration, pharmacy services, and regulatory considerations will be covered. Participants will gain invaluable insights into the scaling of existing programs and discover how hospital-at-home program directors are successfully expanding their reach and positively impacting patient care.

Track B
Hospital at Home and the Continuum of Home-Based Care

Hospital at home should not exist in silo but rather within a continuum of home-based care where patients can seamlessly transition from one phase of care to the next without needing to leave the homes. This continuum includes various forms of care such as acute care, post-acute care, palliative care at home, primary/chronic care at home, and even episodic care like emergency room or urgent care services provided in the home. This session will delve into these topics and more, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach to home-based care.

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