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2023 Hospital @ Home Leadership Summit Speaker Bio

Robert Moskowitz Headshot

Robert Moskowitz, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Contessa Health

Rob Moskowitz is the Chief Medical Officer for Contessa Health, the industry leader in high acuity comprehensive care in the home. Founded in 2015, Contessa Health initiated joint venture partnerships with health care systems to establish Hospital at Home programs with risk bearing arrangements with payors. Over the past 8 years, their models have accelerated to include Hospital at Home, Skilled Nursing/Rehab at Home and Palliative Care at Home - creating longitudinal patient experiences.

In the post-pandemic era, their Hospital at Home models have become a mixture of CMS waiver-based and value-based arrangements. At present state, they partner with 12 major hospital systems and over 40 hospitals. By training, Dr. Moskowitz is board certified in emergency medicine and continues to practice in the clinical trenches.

Prior to Contessa Health he was a medical director and regional director for multiple emergency departments across the country. He completed his undergraduate studies at Amherst College, medical school at the University of Rochester, residency at The Ohio State University, and business school at Vanderbilt University. He currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and two teenage sons.


The Evolution of Hospital at Home: Insights, Breakthroughs, and Future Directions (PANEL)

In this session, attendees will explore the shared experiences of successful hospital-at-home programs. Momentum is growing as leading hospitals and health systems are successfully implementing the hospital-at-home care model to reduce costs, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance patient satisfaction. In this panel, experts will share firsthand experiences, best practices, and lessons learned from program launch to site expansion. Key topics such as scalability, staffing solutions, reimbursement models, supply chain management, patient and caregiver experience, technology integration, pharmacy services, and regulatory considerations will be covered. Participants will gain invaluable insights into the scaling of existing programs and discover how hospital-at-home program directors are successfully expanding their reach and positively impacting patient care.

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