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2023 Hospital @ Home Leadership Summit Speaker Bio

Jared Conley headshot

Jared Conley, MD, PhD, MPH, Associate Director of MGH Healthcare Transformation Lab. Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Jared Conley MD PhD MPH is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and an emergency physician at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). He serves as the Associate Director of the MGH Healthcare Transformation Lab, where he leads a team of clinicians and engineers to enhance the quality and affordability of acute healthcare through technology and innovation. He additionally serves as an advisor to MGH’s Home Hospital program and as the Medical Advisor for the World Hospital at Home Community. His digital health work is broad but is particularly focused on new, tech-enabled models of care, including hospital at home (HaH). He was recently asked to chair the first-ever HaH technology forum in March 2023. His applied research has been featured in various medical journals and news outlets, including NEJM Catalyst, JAMA Internal Medicine, and Reuters. His clinical training was obtained at Harvard (MGH/BWH) and he completed a fellowship in healthcare delivery innovation at Stanford University.


Track B: Tuesday, June 6, 2023 - 10:45am – 11:15am

Track B:
Leveraging Technology to Scale Your Hospital-at-Home Program : Technology has transformed many industries to deliver more and more services in the convenience of our homes. Healthcare is following suit and, through the use of telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, supply chain and care coordination tech, hospital-level care is poised to scale in the home setting as well. In this session, we will explore several ways in which technology can be employed to enhance your hospital-at-home program and ultimately reach scale and enable many more patients to benefit from this care model. We’ll review existing technological innovation to empower clinicians and patients, as well as tackle the challenges of embedding tech and how to best overcome them. The session will focus on key principles and practical tips for both leaders and frontline clinicians.

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