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2023 Hospital @ Home Leadership Summit Speaker Bio

Christopher McGhee headshot

Christopher McGhee, CEO and Co-Founder, Current Health, A Best Buy Company

Christopher McGhee started Current Health in 2015 as a medical student, ultimately leaving at the end of his third year with the belief that technology could have a more profound impact on how care is delivered at scale. Since then, Chris has led the company through many major milestones, including the platform’s FDA clearance in 2019, 3,000% revenue growth in 2020, and growing the team to 150 employees across the U.S. and U.K. in 2021.

Under Chris’ leadership, the company raised over $70M in capital before being acquired by Best Buy Health in October 2021. Today, Chris sits on the Best Buy Health leadership team helping to develop its virtual care strategy while also leading operations for the Current Health business.


Workshop D
Building the Business Case for Acute Care at Home Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic may have been a driving force behind initial adoption of acute hospital-at-home models, but they provide an innovative approach to solve for current and future financial, clinical, operational, and market challenges. A University of Colorado Denver and Guidehouse survey found hospitals are growing their business lines to provide approximately 20% more services outside of the hospital and/or in the home. As hospitals reimagine inpatient care delivery with acute care at home, they can realize meaningful benefits such as increased capacity, improved patient experiences, market differentiation, and more. In this workshop, learn how to define your value proposition and pinpoint opportunity areas to make the business case for a hospital-at-home model.

Track A
At-Home Experiences for Acute Oncology Patients

Hospital-at-home programs can deliver safe and effective care for a variety of inpatient diagnoses, but the inclusion of oncology patients has been largely outside the scope of existing programs. In this breakout session, we’ll discuss some recent research focused on the efficacy of at-home care for patients undergoing CAR-T therapy, explore the care models and business case for moving these patients home, and examine how existing hospital-at-home programs could support these patients. This session will be geared toward defining a demonstration project as part of the CancerX initiative.

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